How to Avoid Gaining Weight During Holidays

September 17, 2014 at 6:08 pm

xmasfoodThis is indeed the season to be merry… and fat. December is fast approaching and a lot of people are excited. All of us are familiar with endless selections of food available during holidays. We receive a ton of invitations to holiday parties here and there. They’re great for relaxing, catching up with long-lost friends, spending time with people you actually want to be around with, and digging in the feast provided. Not only are these food delicious, they are also extremely unhealthy.

So it isn’t exactly a surprise when spring comes and we find that we’ve gained weight over the holiday season. It isn’t awful to add a couple of pounds, of course, but most people don’t actually lose the weight they gain during the holidays. It ends up being part of what people accept as their normal weight, and then the next holiday comes and we add a couple more pounds. Before we know it, a few years have passed and we’ve come so far from the body we used to have.

Here are some tips to enjoy the holiday season without carrying all that extra weight:


1. Eat in moderation
We don’t need to avoid the food altogether. After all, we need the energy to eat and there are some culinary delights that will only be available during the season. So go ahead and try the stuff, but don’t finish a whole plate of Christmas cookies. Denying yourself the food would lead to disastrous results such as intense cravings and the like, so let yourself enjoy the taste, but eat only in moderation. If you can, drink water before eating to help you feel full and lessen actual intake.


2. Select your food
As we go from one party to the next, we usually end up face to face with another buffet table with scrumptious treats. It’s the ultimate temptress, since you can just go back again and again, you won’t even realize you’ve eaten a lot already. So select the healthier food on the table. Go to the fruits and vegetable sections, rather than the fried and fatty tray.

Another tip is not to go to any party hungry. This way, you can actually focus on what you want to eat from the food laid out, rather than just munching on everything.

Also, before you say yes to the first Christmas dinner invitation you receive, try to learn how to make a dairy free protein shake first. There are a lot of types of protein shakes but generally a dairy free protein powder shake recipe is the way to go since it will ensure that you get the nutrients you need amidst all the extra food intake.



3. Weigh yourself
Try this at least twice a week. Watch your food intake in every meal and make yourself aware of the difference in your eating habits. If you monitor yourself and ask the right questions about your lifestyle, you’ll find yourself prioritizing your health, and maybe think first before getting that third cup of eggnog or that box of chocolates.


exercisexmas4. Exercise
The best way to lose all the weight, ultimately, is to get moving. Turning your fat into muscle is one way to make sure you don’t gain that holiday weight. You’re sure to increase the food you eat, so the intensity of your workouts should level up as well. The best time to move is early in the morning – it makes the rest of your day more awesome.