The Psychology Of Coupons

September 13, 2014 at 4:29 am

coupons.jpgCoupons have become a mainstream option for consumers everywhere. While discount coupons and deals have always been around, their transition to the Internet and online retail sites have made them even more accessible to customers looking for great deals and bargains. In the past, coupons had to be clipped from newspapers, magazines, and other publications, or obtained from catalogs or mailed flyers. But now, you can easily browse for coupons on the Web and use them online or in-store.

What is the appeal of coupons anyway? Historically, consumers have always loved bargains, and coupons make consumers feel like they are saving on their purchases. Some discounts are big, some are too insignificant, but it does not really matter all that much when you are using a coupon or promo code for your purchase. All that matters is that you feel like you are saving money.

Coupons also give shoppers a sense of exclusivity and being an insider. Many retailers and manufacturers use coupons to give loyal shoppers access to deals, items, products, or services that are not available to the general public. The feeling of being given access to a secret purchase or deal is too attractive for many consumers to pass up. People like to feel like they are part of an inner circle or group, and coupons certainly cater to this feeling.

After the recession, many people have become more conscious of their spending and are trying to be as resourceful as possible. Many coupons and online promo codes certainly provide savings especially for bundled services or products. Even just a couple dollars off of a purchase over a period of time translates to a significant amount which can be used for other important expenses, so coupons certainly have their part in helping consumers who want to save more money.

Another reason why coupons are popular these days is they have become very accessible through technology. You no longer have to bring a stack of coupons with you when you shop at your favorite store or eat at your favorite restaurant. Your coupon can be saved on your smartphone or tablet. There are also establishments or retailers where you can arrange your coupon savings ahead of time online, so all you have to do is show up and the savings are automatically applied to your purchase.

Popular coupons such as Tires Plus couponsĀ found here combine different services or products that are beneficial to customers in order to deliver the most value. The best coupons are those that not only offer the consumers savings on popular items, but also the chance to try newer offerings at a lower cost. This also allows customers to get the most bang for their buck through bundled value products and services.

In order to get the most from coupons, you should bookmark several reliable coupon sites on the Web and regularly check on updates. Many coupons are available for a period of time (month-long validity is the norm), and then new deals or promos may be available the next month. You can also go directly to the web site of the retailer or establishment and see if they also offer printable or downloadable coupons on the site itself. Of course, always read the terms and instructions so you know the information about using the coupons for your purchases.